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Supporting Mac Users ... With Experience !

Data Recovery On-Site Services Phone Support

As a computer user, you know one thing for sure - someday you will lose valuable files, work and time because of a software or hardware failure. At MacServices we focus on data recovery insead of hard drive repair, your data will not risk further damage from repair utilities with us.

$45.00 Min. No Recovery
$85 Removable Disks
$255 Most Hard Drives

MacServices technicians are trained to conduct field analysis and perform minor repairs at client locations. When clients choose this convenience, integrated components remain in place and network problems are more effectively diagnosed, keeping systems running optimally.

$85.00 Per Hour starting at the
time we leave our office.

Even Macintosh users occasionally experience system or hardware malfunctions. Sometimes problems arise that can be easily resolved with a software consultation call., our technical support crew can guide you through minor adjustments that may be alluding you.

$35.00 Minimum
$85.00 Per Hour

Data Backup In-Office Services Internet & Networking

Onsite and offsite backup.

Monitored Backups.

The proper ways to format Drobo for Backups.


$85 - Per hour General.
$125 - Per Hr Rush.
$35 - CD copies of data.

We are the primary source for updating and configuring Macintosh design associates to local service bureaus. Area Internet Service Providers (ISPs) recommend and utilize our expertise to satisfy their Mac clients.


Free Estimates - Call us at 805-438-4338 to discuss your needs.