Pit Bull attack at Lake Naciamento near Paso Robles Calif

9-24-2011 Rick Wilson

This is the 2nd time this dog has put someone in the hospital and nothing has been done !

Animal Services is here to save bad dogs !

KVEC interview regarding Animal Control
with Dave Congalton radio show.

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California Dog Bite Laws
Great read for all dog owners, All dog owners should be required to have insurance.
This is a map showing the locations of the campsite and the dogs location when it attacked me. Map of camp site.

I was with a group at Lake Naciamento camping. The dogs owner tied his dog up 10 foot from my BBQ. It was time to start dinner and I decided I would introduce myself to the dog, seemed like a nice dog. Nice and quiet and just sitting by its self. No one was around but my friend Doug that was getting the BBQ ready. He was there when this happen.

As my hand touched the dogs head it did a quiet grunt, jumped up 3ft and latched onto my face. My nose was half ripped off. The dogs lower teeth went under my jaw and its upper teeth went just under my right eye. My nose was left hanging to the left. I received over 50 stitches and could use plastic surgery can't afford it. In these pictures you can't see the large wound inside my mouth or under my jaw and the pictures are after I was cleaned up and my nose pushed back in place.

The owner has no insurance so no attorney will take my case because of that. It is important for people to have insurance if they have this kind of dog. Renters insurance is only $150 per year and I would be in a whole different situation and the kid would not have me pissed off.

The dogs owner has offered no help at all and has said it was my fault.

I have sent registered mail requesting payment of my hospital bill and he will not sign for the mail.

These pictures are after I was cleaned up and my nose put back but before I was stitched up.

The dogs owner will not return my calls.

My hospital bill was 5,575.64 and my insurance took care of all but 1560.28.

My dentist bill for the broken teeth is over $800.00.

I lost two weeks work which is about $300 a day. So I have out of pocket over $6,000.

I also have sleep apnea and must ware a machine that fit over my face and into my nose. I was not able to ware this for 3 weeks because of the healing so I got very little sleep for 3 weeks.

No one has been here to help me and I am blown away that there is no law against this. NONE !

I was even on KSBY TV complaining about our Animal Control because they did nothing. This aired for 2 days with the very graphic pictures shown on TV.

I called Animal Control 4 times and it took them 3 days to get back to me. They have no idea what is going on and nobody there knows what is going on. They need a way to take messages so that the person calling to interview the victim knows what was on the messages. No one came to talk to me or look at my wounds. Nothing. When I asked if there was someone there that would call me with an update I was told they don't do that, then I asked if there was someone there I could call for an update and I was told no, you will get a report in the mail.

They told me I would be getting a report in the mail and all I got was a form letter stating nothing more than the case is done and if you want a copy you can come and request it, that costs $15.00.

The story on KSBY TV was right but they also did a web page that was completely wrong and the after math of that was terrible. I think they just wanted to inflame the on line readers.

They said that I walked into a strangers camp site with no one there and pet the strangers dog. NO WAY this thing was tied up 10 foot from my BBQ table and the owner had left.

The Owner is in his early 20's and has a 1 year old child that the dog will get next.